Frequently Asked Questions

In This Section, You Will Find The Answers To Most Of The Questions.
If you still have any questions after reading this, remember that you can contact our support any time

  • All Chrome extensions require a browser window to be refreshed after installing.

    Open a new window for browsing or refresh existing open window.

  • The SwipeBucket extension needs to know where to save content. During the sign-up process, a user specific account is created in Swipebucket cloud where content is saved.

    Without sign-up/log-in it doesn’t know where to save.

  • If you are using Google or Facebook sign-in, make sure you use the same option every time to see the content.

    • Kindle Highlights
    • All Social media posts, photos, videos & ads from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & You Tube
    • Any highlighted text
    • Full-page screenshots
    • Regional screenshots
    • Star and tagged items
    • Notes
    • Amazon product details in one click

  • All Content is saved in the SwipeBucket cloud, accessed via the Swipebucket interface. All content goes to the default folder or any folder you make and choose. You can make unlimited folders!

  • A Swipebucket icon will appear on any web pages and all your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube) Simply click on the icon and a window to save, add tag or share will appear. Click on the action you choose and save by clicking the “save” button.

    • Open the webpage in Chrome
    • Click on the Swipebucket icon
    • Select “Regional Screenshot”  from the menu
    • Select the area of the webpage you wish to take a screenshot of
    • Once you select the area you wish to save, a menu window will open with options to save, tag, share, etc.
    • By clicking the “Swipe it” button your screenshot will be saved.

    • Open the webpage in Chrome
    • Click on the Swipebucket icon
    • Select  “Full Page Screenshot” from the menu
    • By clicking “Swipe it”, it will be saved

  • Of course! Tag any items you’d like to save and organize while you are swiping them.

    You can later find them by searching for them by using key words.

  • Open the SwipeBucket Chrome extension and select “Import Kindle highlights” or go the Swipebucket website and select the Kindle tab on the top left side. Click on “Import Kindle highlights” and THAT’S IT!
    You can now see all your Kindle highlights organized by book titles. You can add multiple tags for a faster search or further organization.

  • You can save any text from any website, social media platform, Kindle or WhatsApp.

    • Click “Highlight text” from the Swipebucket extension menu
    • Highlight text you want to save
    • Click the SwipeBucket icon next to highlighted text
    • Select from save, tag, share from a pop up “menu” window
    • By clicking “Swipe it!”, it will be saved

  • Content saved in Swipebucket is saved in the Swipebucket cloud. You can access it two ways:

    • Click “View Post” after swiping it in the Swipebucket. This will open content from the folder where you saved it.
    • Open Swipebucket in your browser and select the folder from the left pane. Click on the content to open it.

  • Cards are individual posts or any content you swipe from the web. A collection of cards is saved in a bucket. Buckets are folders where you can find a collection of your cards (individual swipes) where you keep them and organize them.

    All buckets are saved in Swipebucket cloud.

  • YES! There is a “drag & drop” and “move” option available on cards under “More” menu

  • Yes you can!
    Click a chosen card, click the “Edit” button then “add tag” tag button.

  • We will notify you as soon as your limit is reached. We can provide a grace period where you will still be able to use SwipeBucket while we help you find a plan that works best for you.

  • You are free to cancel anytime.
    When you do, your current plan will last until the end of your billing cycle.
    You can also choose to downgrade your plan.

  • We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason, you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know within 30 days and we'll be happy to issue you a full refund.

  • No! In fact, Swipebucket cannot access your Amazon password in any way.

    When you sync your highlights with Swipebucket, Swipebucket only has access to the subdomain — which never exposes your Amazon password; only your books and highlights