Swipe, Save & OrganizeA must have chrome extension tool to save and organize all web and social content in a single place.

Access and Manage your content from any device, anytime.

Your One Stop Content Repository!


Here is what Swipebucket Offers

Save Social Content (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, YouTube) in One click!

Never let your valuable social media interactions lost in the crowd. As you are browsing through the social media sites, swipe it to Swipebucket to recall the threads from FB, relish the moments shared on Instagram later, Remember the viewpoints shared on different topics on Twitter.

Keep your favorite YouTube video links in one place for easy playback.

If you are researching on different products on Amazon for next gift ideas, store all amazon product details for future reference.

Highlight and Save Text from any website or Article! You can edit it after you Save.

Swipebucket will be your best buddy for the people who need to spend lot of time reading on the internet, collecting material and then personalize it appropriately, Like students, researchers, content writers, journalists etc.. Highlight any text from any web page, swipe it to your bucket according to the topic and then edit it with built-in editor.

Capture and Save a Screenshot (Partial and Full Page Screen Capture)!

You liked a logo, banner, poster or anything in a web page and want to keep for future reference. No worries!! Our partial or full page screen capture is just for that.

Save a Url!

Keep all your favorite URLs organized in Swipebucket according to the subject. It’s more convenient than browser favorite list. You can access your favorites from any device.

Import and Save your Kindle Highlights and Notes

With a click of a button you can import all your kindle highlights and notes into Swipebucket. Kindle highlights are retrieved by Book Title. All your color coding for the highlights are kept intact. You can filter highlights using color codes. Even you can edit highlights using built in editor for addition comments. Even it imports your Starred Highlights.

Add Tags while saving and later search using them!!

Swipebucket facilitates adding tags for every content that you save in the platform, even for kindle highlights. Tags are very useful way to search the similar contents saved in your account. Tags can be added from the extension and also from your web app.

Organize your Saved Data in our Web Repository.

Create unlimited folders/buckets in the web repository and organize your content into those folders. There is drag and drop facility for the cards to move around the folders. You can move contents using the actions on the cards. You can always read it later in iPhone, iPad, Android and Computer.

Create absolutely new cards to write notes inside your folders.

Every content that is swiped into Swipebucket are called Cards!! You can create a blank card from nothing and keep notes there in.

Star/bookmark your important content to easily find at any time.

You can bookmark the content that you save in the platform by clicking on the star icon inside the content of the cards. Bookmarked items are easily accessible through the “*” tab. This is another way of recollecting your favorite content.

Archive and Delete.

Obviously you have the option to Delete and Archive the content / “Cards” for keeping your folders tidy. Archive and Delete options are available both on folder and cards. Caution! Deleting folder will delete all the content inside.

It's FREE to Signup and Use

Click on the button to download the free chrome extension and start organizing all your social and web content in a single place.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In This Section, You Will Find The Answers To Most Of The Questions.
If you still have any questions after reading this, remember that you can contact our support any time

  • All chrome extensions requires browser window to get refreshed after installation. Either open a new window for browsing or refresh the existing open window.

  • Swipebucket extension needs to know where to save the content. During the sign-up process user specific account is created in Swipebucket cloud where the contents are saved. Without sign-up / log-in it doesn’t know where to save. And it’s FREE!! to Sign-up.

  • If you are using “Google” or “Facebook” sign-in, please make sure you use same option every time to see the content.

    • Any webpage when you Highlight text and swipe, even text from Web whatsApp
    • Facebook posts, photos, videos in a single click
    • twitter posts, photos videos in a single click
    • instagram posts, photos videos in a single click
    • YouTube videos in a single click
    • Amazon product details in a single click
    • Webpage screen shot (Regional, Full) in a single click
    • Import Kindle highlights in a single click

  • Contents are saved in Swipebucket cloud, accessed via swipebucket.io web interface. By default it goes to the “default” folder. You can create content specific multiple folders in swipebucket.io and save content directly there (requires premium version). Default folder is available for FREE!!

  • As you scroll through the pages in Facebook, instagram, twitter, YouTube Swipebucket icon will appear automatically. Clicking on the icon will open a small window for selecting the folder (other than default) to save, adding tag etc. On clicking the save button it will save the content.

    • Open the webpage in Chrome
    • Click on the Swipebucket icon
    • Select the “Regional Screen Shot” menu from the list
    • Select the area in the webpage you wish to take a snapshot
    • Once the selection is done it will open a small window for selecting the folder (other than default) to save, adding tag etc.
    • On clicking the “Swipe it” button it will save the snapshot.

    • Open the webpage in Chrome
    • Click on the Swipebucket icon
    • Select the “Full Page Screen Shot” menu from the list
    • It will open a small window for selecting the folder (other than default) to save, adding tag etc.
    • On clicking the “Swipe it” button it will save the snapshot.

  • OF COURSE! you can. Fill “Tag” box according to the relevance while you are swiping it. Now you can search it using key words in swipebucket.io

  • It’s very simple!! Open the Swipebucket Chrome extension and select the “Import Kindle Highlight” menu or go to swipebucket.io website, select “Kindle” tab in the left pane and click on “Import Kindle Highlights” button. BINGO! Now you can see all your Kindle highlights organized by book title. Now you can filter it based on color, add tags for search.

  • With this feature you can save text from any website, even text from Web WhatsApp.

    • Click Highlight Text from Swipebucket menu
    • Highlight the text you want to save
    • Click the Swipebucket Icon next to the highlighted text
    • It will open a small window for selecting the folder (other than default) to save, adding tag etc.
    • On clicking the “Swipe it” button it will save the text.

  • Contents are saved in Swipebucket cloud accessed through swipebucket.io web site. Content can be accessed in two ways.

    • Click “View Post” immediately after swiping it in the extension. This will open the Swipebucket website and open the post from the folder where it is save.
    • Else, open the swipebucket.io website in the browser. Select the folder from the left pane. Click on the post to open it.

  • A bucket is a folder in your space in the Swipebucket cloud, like a folder in your hard drive where keep and organize your contents. The bucket is a collection of Cards. A card is, individual posts swiped using Swipebucket chrome extension.

  • Definitely!! There is drag-and-drop function as well as “move” option available on the Card under “More” menu.

  • Yes you can! When you click a card it open in “Edit” mode or you can select “Edit” option from menu on the card. There you have the option add tag.